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Enjoy with your lovely dogs at my school.  <BBS>ID:123 Password:456    <For Sale>  

Unrealizable matters for training your dogs

When you wish your dogs to be sophisticated one, or working one, like police dogs, rescue dogs, a somewhat high trained dog, please contact me.

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Silky Dog School
Address:hachioji 2280 Tsubame
Cellular Phone 090-5821-3306
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It is available to see our Dog Run Field at "You Tube" site. The key word is "silky dog school" for searching.


Our Dog Run Field Movie

Our Dog Run Field

ドッグラン dog run field


YouTube【Agility】ナジーフ 2008.5.4 Part1

YouTube【Agility】ナジーフ 2008.5.4 Part2


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